Kitchen and Bath

Thinking of renovating your kitchen or bathroom?Bathroom Lighting

When you think of the kitchen and bath you immediately think cabinets, counter tops, fixtures and plumbing.

Equally important is the provision and placement of electrical appliances and devices such as range, fridge, microwave, dishwasher, receptacles, exhaust fan, in-floor heating, jetted tub, heated towel bar or other special amenity  that prompted your renovation in the first place. .

You don’t want to be in the middle of having the kitchen installed and all of a sudden realize that  the dishwasher has no electrical, the fridge and stove plugs are in the wrong place or there is not enough room in the panel for that second oven you need to install.

 Lighting is also a major consideration.

Lighting can “make or break” the function, appearance and mood of your kitchen. Kitchens are generally the place where you spend most of your money and a lot of your time. You want to make sure that the lighting is up to the standard of your new kitchen.

Dark spots and shadows can reduce the usable area of your counter tops (even if you do have lots of counter space) and leave your kitchen with much less functional work space than you intended.Kitchen Lighting 1

Recessed fixtures, pendants, wall sconces, and under cabinet lighting are all ways to easily improve your new design. A lighting plan that matches your primary work areas, eating areas and specialty cabinets is essential.

Lighting in the bathroom should be designed to provide bright but flattering lighting for the application of makeup and if you have two sinks, shaving…maybe at the same time. Even lighting in a two sink bathroom is important, otherwise why have the expense of two sinks and lots of counter.

With planning you can have moisture rated lighting in the shower and over the bath tub.

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