Lighting in your home or work space is one of those things that is easily unappreciated and unrecognized as being as important as it deserves. Proper or improper lighting can affect comfort, mood, ambience, tasking, reading, grooming, entertainment, and productivity.

Lighting can transform a space from so, so to stunning.Lighting

Purposes of lighting

Space lighting :

General lighting in common areas such as hallways, closets, garages, storage, crawlspace, mechanical rm etc .

Task Lighting:

Lighting that is specific and designated or work or function areas

Ex: kitchen, bathroom, office, laundry, garage, etc ..

Safety Lighting:

Lighting in areas where safety and security are paramount.Landscape Lighting

Exit and Emergency: stair lights, hallway, emergency lights, exit lights

Exterior: perimeter, driveways, sidewalks, patios, decks, landscape, security