Electrical Service Upgrades

Whether it be at home or office .. as buildings get older, the electrical system ages along with them.

The electrical needs of homes and offices have changed dramatically, even in the past 5 years.

HomeStar will provide you with a free inspection to determine what types of repairs, relocations or replacements may be required to ensure you can get the most out of your space.

We will maintain or replace your service quickly, efficiently and affordably. Our licensed electrical experts are ready to provide you with a quality evaluation of your electrical system. Upgrades are our specialty, so call or email us today to schedule your free estimate!

A few tips to help you evaluate if its time for an electrical update of your home.

  • Do circuit breakers often trip?
  • Do you get electrical shocks or sparking when you plug or unplug from sockets or do some plugs not work at all?
  • Do your lights dim or flicker?
  • Are any of your switch plates hot?
  • Do you smell any unusual odours from your electrical panel or wiring?
  • Is your panel small and full of breakers with no room for any additional

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